Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

day no. 29 - awakening

Somewhere in Kuusamo, warm...??

Last night, last toast, last game and breakfast at 13 o'clock...
My very last day arrived much to fast for my taste. I had such a great time here that I didn't notice the days passing. When you enjoy what you do a month becomes a fleeting moment.
Now I have to pack my belongings- easy, I decided to get rid of some stuff, last souvenirs are bought in the Erä-susi Souvenirshop, last fotos, last wishes, last sauna, last promises and my first tears...

We were invited to dinner that evening by Mr.Wolf - really kind of him! (That's how I got the chance to taste elk meat. It is a bit softer in taste then the reindeer meat, but one can still clearly figure out that the meat was growing wild-taste like game. Delicious!)
At that point I want to thank Mirja and Mr. Wolf for having me hosted in such a kind and friendly way. I'm grateful for your support and patience, ideas and stimulations and your generosity. It was a pleasure to work at your farm and I feel like having learned something for life.

the next generation - Keira's puppies
Later that evening I was out with some of my team mates and I learned about the Russian-Finnish hospitality. I had a great evening full of unexpected surprises. I laughed a lot and enjoyed really touching moments. Thank you guys for that fabulous last evening together! I hope it hasn't been the last time...

I've fallen deeply in love with that place and I have the feeling that my planned "once in a life time wintry fairytale" is soon becoming an at least " twice in a life time Lapland experience" if not a "life time lasting icy love"! Special thanks to "the storyteller and Master of disaster", who has been a good teacher and eyes-opening companion.

traditional tent

To sum up  it was a comprehensive and intensive time for me. I learned about limits, communication, future, loyalty, power,integration and silence. A team is as strong as its weakest member and as weak as its strongest. I'm convinced now that one can learn (nearly) everything with the right motivation and a strong will, but if you should ever feel like needing a helping hand don't be afraid of asking for it.

Handling over 200 dogs and 7000 tourists per season is a challenge and an hard physical job; one can just do that for longer if he/ she feels inspired by what he/she does and if one has a family or good social network behind him/her to fill the dark evening hours. It's not a job for everyone, but an experience that is worthy to be made. For my part, I really enjoyed the work on the Huskyfarm, it was one of the best jobs I ever had, even though it is convenient to train body and mind for working under that extreme conditions before coming and to bring yourself food for your brain.

with Tintti
I can hardly say what was the best part: 
The dogs? It might seem impossible to recognize everyone of them, but in the end I did. They are so colorful in appearance, attitude and character with own stories, own spleens, own life and their power and their even nature is really remarkable. In the end I had my clear favourite: a young female dog, not even 2 years old, who is yet running in front position with the potential to become a great leader one day...named Tintti. 

The nature? Mind-blowing! I could escape out there from my inner restlessness, suffocate my woolly thoughts in the pure icy white and finally calm down. Breathing the frosty air clarified my mind. In an urban daily life we are so distracted from many strange sounds, lights, images...information overload!  The civilization is omnipresent, even in the green zones such as bigger parks. Benches, trash bins, warning signs and information boards indicate the human sovereignty and regimentation of what we call nature; often you can still hear the traffic noise standing in the middle of the forest. Out there in the middle of wintry nowhere I got to know silence and got finally the timeout I urgently desired (and not even once I had an headache as I'm used to get often after a long day in Berlin's urban djungle). 

The people? I got to know the Finns as charming, cheerful companions who are ambitious and hard working. They are always happy to crack a joke and have been really hospitable and caring for me. Having an own opinion and being able to express it seemed to be an appreciated ability, as authenticity, too. Live and let live, be and let be and the most important thing of all - keep smiling!

I guess the worst part of this experience is the sad fact that it is already over! So see you, Lapland! Next time maybe in summer...?!

Knowledge of the day: Giving and receiving...
Spontaneity is the key to the best experiences.
Never ever say never.

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  1. Thank you Rike for your kind words :) It was nice to have you here and you worked with your full heart... You are always welcome to come again :) With warm regards, Mirja & Susi-The Wolf, ERÄ-SUSI huskies