Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

day no. 16 - bathing fun

Erä-susi Huskyfarm, -8° C tinkling of the snowflackes

If fun or not, it was sooo cute! The youngest puppies used the new snow to run riot and get really dirty! Snow and dirt stick in their fluffy fur and sleeping cuddled closely together they spread the dirt everywhere melting the snow with the warmth of their bodies. We brought them in the stable in order to wash them with warm water and leave them over night in an heated shelter to let their fur dry. Nobody wants to see this little sweethearts ill. The lively puppies swarmed around in the stable stealing spoons and plastic sacks in which we keep the reindeer fodder. One of them expressed his exaltation for a blue scrubber disassembling it into thousands parts. They are so curious and unstoppable. 4 whelps on discovery trip! :) (Unfortunately is was to dark to take better pictures.)

Once again some teams left today unfortunately. Now there are just about 20 teams left, which means from over 200 dogs are remaining about 140. It's getting empty here...slowly! But the dogs like the car- I guess it smells like an adventure. They are leaving for the other farm which is the starting point for 5-days Safaris, which means 5 days in a row doing what they love: running! I would be excited, too, in their stead!

How does reindeer meat tastes? Since I'm already here, I can't go home without having it tasted. So on my next free day I will get myself somehow a piece to try it. You can buy it here in the supermarket and not just the raw meat, but I have seen also reindeer salami, reindeer sausages, reindeer pies, pastries with reindeer meat filling.... I thought about trying it in a restaurant, since I have actually no idea how to prepare it. 

Knowledge of the day: It's time for a snowball battle and building a lumiukko (snowman)! 

Best way to finish a working day: oven-fresh, self-made cinnamon buns and a nice hot pot of tea.

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