Montag, 13. Januar 2014

The countdown is running...

Tallinn, -7° snowing

What started as a pipe-dream is about to become reality: I'm going to work and live on a Husky-farm at the arctic circle in North Finland. Just 4 days left until I'll start my journey further up north.
Aurora borealis, silence, cute, fluffy dogs,uncommunicative finns who might be (Who would have thought it?)  more talkative than originally expected, minus degrees, endless darkness, sauna, icy winter wonderland...sounds good! Sounds like an adventure!

But between cheerful excitement, exam stress, chaotic preparation, douple- and triple-checking of the tickets and belongings, leaving presents, last dinners/beers/cakes/mucking around with flatmates and friends sometimes tender thoughts of doubt creep in: 'There might be a reason why nobody is going there... -30°C is really cold!' 
The root of all evil might be a well-known problem among females: I don´t know what to wear! Sure, I need warm stuff. I have the usual warm, winter equipment - theoretically-, but to be honest  thermal underwear has been none of the topic of my interests so far. The range of products is wide: longer, shorter, sporty, not so sporty, high-tech, eco,washable, not washable (really!)... Fortunately my tight budget limits my options. But still....cotton, polyester, wool,silk, viscose, fleece..?! 

Knowledge of the day: It seems that low-price thermal underwear for female beings has to be necessarily pink or turquoise. -.-

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