Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

day no. 4/5 - days off

Erä-susi Huskyfarm, -24 °C ...getting warmer? 

An unexpected guest occupied my bed today. Rightly! A cozy and warm bed is probably the nicest place on Earth. What a pity that it is so boring staying in there the whole day. My first 2 days off challenge me in a surprising way-I'm bored! I really like the work and the people, but I slowly start missing something essentially: food for my little brain. Without any distraction and new things to learn about the daily works it is extreme. I'm used to be confronted everyday with really abstract text to read and philosophical questions to solve. I normally talk a lot, discuss a lot and discover new dimensions of my fantasy. My studies often take me far away from everyday reality-absolutely useless in everyday live, but I love it to challenge me mentally like this. Now, that I spent some days just working, relaxing, sleeping, eating, I'm longing for something which makes my brain happy-unfortunately my supply of chocolate is eaten up. Sooo...I got my ass out of bed and started to have the desperate try with the finnish grammar. Perkele, what a strange language...!

Yesterday evening I checked out the Ruka nightlife. The girls from the huskyfarm ask me to join them and have a drink in Ruka. We ended up in the only open bar on Tuesday evenings: Karaoke! The Finns' love for Karaoke is really far from being just a stereotype. They really do it, and unfortunately most of them don't do it well! Mostly elder, young at heart ladies and gentlemen enjoyed themselves on stage howling in a bad microphone nostalgic love ballades in Finnish. It was not crowded in bar, rarely somebody danced (despite of us and a really nice troupe of  elder couples) and so the singers seemed so lonely standing on that big stage set in scene by the interplay of different light-tools coloring their faces alternately in a really nice purple and  pale blue.It was first of all funny and most of all horrible. Nobody could explain me why they actually do that. Is it fun? After some drinks (kindly sponsored by some Finnish gentlemen) I tried it myself and I was embarrassed. :) 

It got even better when they started to dance to Rock'n'Roll music on the tables. It seems that such dance performances happen quite often. Right above the heavy wooden table a wise person has installed some railings. The often quite drunken, wildly dancing and singing party people tend to loose their balance every now and then...But they had fun! I would love to see my parents, grandparents or even the elder myself  enjoy themselves still that much like they do! That was pretty cool!

I used the spare time to explore my surroundings a bit. There is nothing, despite of snow, reindeers and trees...where ever you go. This is the perfect place for writers, daydreamers, stressed business people, nature fans and iceprincesses. I love it! There is not even dust! A pure icy winter wonderworld.

ERÄ-SUSI Huskyfarm

knowledge of the day: Get your anger, boredom, loneliness, tensions burned out in sauna and relaaaaxx... Life looks much brighter afterwards!

A good book is a key to harmony and happiness.


  1. Nicely written Rike :) and lovely photo of our LIINU <3

  2. Would it be better if all of tehm were super singers ? It would be more pleasing to the ears of course, but imagine you would have to try singign after all of them were really really good :o

    LG, Martin

  3. Good point, Martin! In that case nobody would ever forget my performance...which could have advantages, too. :)