Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

day no.7- lunar landscape and the dear little ones

Erä-susi Huskyfarm,-11 °C cloudy and grey
The backyard looks like a moonscape now. Loads of craters disturb its otherwise almost uniform surface. I spent hours to trench them. One might wonder what  the reason for that, at a first glance, quite remarkable undertaking is. Boredom? Training for the next absurd world record on Finnish territory? A much more unspectacular reason made me doing this: Not all of the dogs are living in fences, some of them are chained up having an undisturbed view over the white landscape. Since dogs normally are quite active running round and round they tower up the fresh snow to hills dragging their chains over the ground. In that way the Huskies shorten them more and more until their chains vanish in the built up snow hills. Before the chains got so short, that the dogs can't enter their houses anymore, somebody (me!) has to dig them out. So I burrowed me trough snow and ice and got some beautiful approximately 1,20 m large (diameter) and about 80 cm deep holes. Snowwork: shitty work, but a perfect method to get rid of stored energy. Surprisingly I really enjoyed it. It was better than every workout at the gym could be and not boring at all. But I dread you won't see my beautiful holes anymore in a couple of days, because the dogs will have them filled up again pretty soon.

Since even today we didn't have customers I spent some time with the youngest members of the team. I actually don't know how many puppies are living on the farm right now. Must be around 20. The youngest are born in November 2013 and they are the cutest creatures ever. Since they are about 10 weeks old, they are already really active, playful and adventurous- if you leave the door open they are gone in a minute. Puppies love to play and catch whatever they can get. Especially the youngest ones have a weakness for shoes. So if you like your shoes, keep them away from their little sharp teeth. The same with gloves, camera bags, handkerchiefs etc...This little darlings are incredibly cheeky and inventive. They steal everything which is not nailed down.

Play with me!
This picture was actually taken in November, so the little one in my arms now doesn't fit there anymore.

On the farm there are living mostly Alaskan huskies, but some of the dogs are Siberian huskies. The can look very much alike. That's why often it is hard to identify the breed just by sight. The Alaskan huskies living here are a mixture between Siberians and Irish setter. So depending on the pedigree the colour of the fur can be black, white, brown, yellow, golden shades or even totally mixed up. 20 % of the dogs are born with this beautiful light blue eyes;sometimes it can happen that they have one dark and one light eye. For sure the Siberians are not the ones with lop ears.
Even though at the beginning they looked more or less all the same to me, I slowly start remembering their names. Each of them is unique in its outer appearances, in its personality and in its attitude. I already have my favourites although it might change again, since I get to know every day a little more about them.

frost patterns

I arrived here with some scratches on my left hand, nothing serious, but they are still seeable. I noticed that the healing process of wounds seems to take much longer here. The cold dries my skin and since I'm using my hands everyday working it might take some more days until they vanish fully. 

Knowledge of the day: Complexity is no guarantee for utility.
the longest single word in Finnish according to the Guinness Book of Records

But I guess even more complicated than the word itself is to find an adequate translation for it:
epä- ("un-") + järjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkään, negative participle of järjestelmällistyttää ("to make others to systematize")+ -yys + adessive suffix -llä + third person possessive suffix -nsä + enclitic suffix -kään;

'even with the lack of his/her ability to not make others more disorganized'  ?! 

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